Beaded Show Leashes

Create your own leash with a custom design! Decide on leather colours, bead design, length, snap or loop, handle or fringe finish.

Kangaroo leather leashes (starting at $70 CAD (2022), additional charge for metallics, 6 strand, original artisan beads & 2nd bead set, leashes longer than 36″, charms, fancy knots).


  • 4 or 6 strands braided over a strong core with kangaroo leather that is split, bevelled, conditioned, stretched and then rolled once braided for a smooth, supple feel
  • 5-9 beads knotted into place with woven knots & braiding under beads; choose one or more sets of beads
  • Collars: 2 ring slip collars available or may be combined with leash into a slip style leash
  • Look for the acorn bead on all Oakisle leashes

How to order:

E-mail: or Facebook Messenger (Bobbie Tucker or Oakisle Beaded Show Leashes)

Pay by e-transfer or (

Browse the sold leashes below for inspiration! Some leashes are available for purchase in the “Available Leashes” tab.



“Snow Day” 36″ white, natural & silver, original artisan beads – SOLD
“Barnum” 48″ black with ocean blue accent – SOLD
“Tropic Sea” 36″ aqua, aqua foil, bright blue & bronze with original artisan beads – SOLD
“GSP” 36” gold, olive, black, original artisan focal bead, matching collar – SOLD
“Peacock” 36″ white, silver, lime foil, bright blue, original artisan beads – SOLD
“Aurora” 36″ silver & white – SOLD
“Snow White” 36″ gold, white & natural – SOLD
“California Dreamin’ 36” gold, orange, aqua & aqua foil, original artisan focal bead – SOLD
“Glimmer of Gold” 36″ fuchsia, lavender, gold, soft pink, original artisan beads – SOLD
“Copper Sky” 36″ copper, black, dk bronze – SOLD
“Princess” 36″ lavender, soft pink, shimmer pink, pewter, original artisan beads – SOLD
“Seaside” 36″ olive, gold, aqua shimmer, original artisan beads – SOLD
“Thistle” 36″ 6 strand black, purple, olive, deep purple foil, original artisan beads -SOLD
“Etta” 36″ leash in black with dk bronze accent & 6 strand matching 2 ring slip collar,
original artisan beads – SOLD
“Stevie” 40″ in dk brown & gold with matching brace coupler – SOLD
“Disco” 40″ in black, silver & dk bronze – SOLD
“Miller” 52″ combination lead and collar in ocean blue, natural, gold, & saddle tan – SOLD
“Gini” 52″ combination lead and collar in soft pink, dk bronze, rose gold, shimmer pink – SOLD
“Shades of Autumn” 36″ orange, sunset shimmer & bronze, original lampwork beads – SOLD
”Neptune’s Empire” 35” aqua, silver, jade, shimmer black, original lampwork beads – SOLD
“Precambrian2 36” chestnut. dk bronze, copper, handle & loop, 2 sets original lampwork beads – SOLD
“Sweet Violet” 36″ lavender, metallic purple, silver, original lampwork beads – SOLD
“Indy” 36″ black – SOLD
”DJ” 30” black, silver & dk bronze, original lampwork beads – SOLD
“Grace” 54″ aqua, aqua foil, natural & rose gold, combination collar & leash style with flat braid throat piece
“Mystic Blue” 36″ jacaranda, navy shimmer & silver, artisan lampwork focal bead SOLD
“Whoa” 36″ whiskey, black, dark bronze & pewter, 200# Kevlar core, original lamp work beads SOLD
“Honour” 36″ saddle tan & white, 200# Kevlar core, original lamp work focal bead 24x13mm SOLD
“Shades of Purple” 36″ purple, lavender, purple shimmer & white, 700# Kevlar core – SOLD
“Constellation” 36″ black, silver, black & silver shimmer, original lamp work beads – SOLD
“Purple Passion” SOLD
“Emerald Kingdom” SOLD
“Sand ‘n Sea” SOLD
“Merlot” SOLD
“Bejewelled” SOLD
“Emerald City” SOLD
“Pink Peek-a-boo” 6 strand 27″ in black with pink accent SOLD
“On the Fringe” SOLD
“On Point” (silver) SOLD
“Shaggy” 41″ slip lead in grey, jacaranda, silver & black with shamrock charm, 200# Kevlar core – SOLD
“Stan” 41″ slip lead in grey, bright blue & silver with shamrock charm, 200#Kevlar core – SOLD
Strut your stuff in the rally or obedience ring with this 6′ Kangaroo leather leash in orange, aqua foil, & black with a 700# Kevlar core for a slightly thicker lead SOLD
“Penelope” 36″ copper, black & bronze, 200# Kevlar core – SOLD
“Mystic Violet” 36″ shimmer black & silver with grey & lavender, 200# Kevlar core, original lamp work focal bead – SOLD
“Bernadette” 36″ black & Jade, 200# Kevlar core – SOLD
“Gold Rush” 36″ black & gold, 200# Kevlar core – SOLD
“Bronze Age” 36″ black & bronze – SOLD
“Frostfire” 48″ silver & grey, 200# Kevlar core – SOLD
“Leopard” 24″ white, natural, rose gold, black shimmer, 200# Kevlar core – SOLD
“Cappuccino” 36″ copper, dark bronze, whiskey & tan, 200# Kevlar core- SOLD
“Sea Foam” 36″ jade, olive, metallic aqua, 200# Kevlar core, original lamp work focal beads – SOLD
“Paw print” 36″ aqua foil, caribbean blue, brandy, 200# Kevlar core – SOLD
“Emerald Forest” 36″ lime, forest, jade & emerald metallic with shamrock charm, 700# Kevlar core SOLD
“All That Glitters” 36″ gold & white, 700# Kevlar core, 2 bead sets – SOLD
“Pink Sizzle” 36″ burgundy, cerise, lipstick pink & silver, 2 bead sets – SOLD
“Hairy Pawter” 54″ dark bronze, whiskey & black with flat braided throat piece, 2 bead sets – SOLD
“In the Pink” 36″ cerise, lipstick pink, hot pink, soft pink with 2 bead sets – SOLD

36″ “Blue on Blue” jacaranda, royal blue, shimmer blue & silver with 2 bead sets – SOLD

“Peppermint” 36″ red, silver & white – SOLD
36″ Aqua, aqua foil, whiskey, dark bronze – SOLD
6 Strand 42″ whiskey, saddle tan, dark brown & gold with thistle charm – SOLD
“Shades of Westminster” 60″ purple, purple shimmer, black & gold – SOLD
“Cotton Candy” 60″ soft pink, lipstick pink, white & silver – SOLD
“Star Search” 25 1/2″ black – SOLD