Care of Your Leather Leash

  • To avoid tangling and scratches and to allow the leather to breathe, store your leash in a cloth bag, not plastic
  • Condition occasionally, trying out the conditioner on a small area first to make sure it will not alter the colour e.g. Bick4 Conditioner
  • Avoid exposure to moisture. Allow the leash to dry naturally and avoid stretching when wet
  • Metal beads will tarnish over time. Polish with a silver polishing cloth to restore shine

Oakisle Beaded Show Leashes

Purchaser Guidelines

  • This kangaroo leather product is intended for use in the show ring and with proper care should last many years. Leather will show signs of wear with age.
  • The product is not intended as a training aid; please do not allow your dog to pull or chew on it.
  • Workmanship is guaranteed and defects will be remedied within a year from date of purchase. Beads and hardware are not guaranteed.
  • Oakisle Beaded Show Leashes is not responsible for injury or loss as a result of using this product. The customer is responsible for determining suitability of the product in any given situation.